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My name is Taka!!
I started this blog because I am going to Australia for a working holiday and I start run my own business. This blog will focus on the following contents.

1 ) About Living in Australia
2) About IT Technology
3) About my business

I hope we can provide you with some useful information.

Born in 1996.
Worked as an IT engineer as a fresh graduate for 5 years after graduating from a technical college, and has been in Sydney on a working holiday since 2023.

My Business

Create Website

To create a website, WebDesign is done first, and then the website is built based on WebDesign. However, in many cases, WebDesign and website construction are created by different people.
Often, when an engineer is asked to develop the website after the WebDesign is created by a designer, the WebDesign design is too difficult to create programmatically and the development cost can be too high.
To avoid this, I can handle everything from WebDesign and Web development to setup and operation.

Design, Promotion

We offer website design as well as creation of images for social networking promotions such as instagram and Facebook, and posters.
We also take requests to create 3D package designs for products.
And please feel free to ask us for marketing consultation as we do everything from advertising promotion to marketing analysis and consultation for SNS promotions.

AI Consultant

 We have also created daily customer and sales forecasts from a year’s worth of restaurant sales data, based on trend data such as the weather and day of the week, as well as research and development on artificial intelligence and published a book on artificial intelligence.

 If you have data but don’t know how to use it, or if you want to use recent AI tools such as ChatGPT to improve work efficiency, but would like to discuss what we can do, please feel free to contact us!

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We are also exploring trade in imports out of Indonesia, China, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions.

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